Dystopian / Utopian

Studio Fabula participated in the One House Per Day project on Instagram, creating seven Dystopian/Utopian Houses.

1: The House Without Windows

Is nature still real? Do we even need it? The high-tech house can provide you with any view you wish with just a click of a button. A relaxing terrace by the lake, an exciting trip to the desert, a weekend in the Alps – all this without ever having to leave your pod.
This house builds on a legacy of architectural “plug-in” systems which envision cities of infinite growth and density. With the development of technology windows even become obsolete allowing for an even denser configuration. We don’t even need to know what surrounds us anymore

2: The Lighthouse

A modern-day beacon. A modest space for its caretaker. I am a house.

Building on the legacy of inhabited infrastructures, the billboard tower becomes the contemporary lighthouse. The highway is our sea and the commercials are our beacons in the night.

3: The Most Beautiful House

Equipped with the most modern 3D OLED facade, this house can take up any form which is currently on trend. It even takes care of the interior appearance and makes sure you have all the latest hot trends. In order not to disturb the facade, you enter the house through the phone booth on the corner.

Next week the owner is filing for bankruptcy. Turns out the solar panels were also just a display.

The Most Beautiful House reflects on the ever popular (taboo) topic of architectural styles and our obsession with outward appearances and individuality. The face is once again disconnected from the body. It is again just a mask.

4: The One-Way House

You should always look forward. In this case, you should always move forward. This sterile, pandemic-proof house keeps you protected and safeguards your daily routine. After you leave each room, it goes through a 24h sterilization cycle – ready just in time for you to visit it the next day. Same time, same place. Safety first.

Drawing precedents from other spatial and technological types, the One-Way house embodies state-of-the-art safety and sanitation systems. Living becomes a function secondary to health and cleanliness. First you need to survive.

5: The House That Lived in a Skyscraper

You want to live in the city center but still have a house and garden? Well now you can have your cake and eat it too! Even the view is amazing! Only the garden is a bit, well, fake. Turns out you can’t really plant trees on the 50th floor.

This skyscraper brings together the best of the city and suburbia, all packed in an efficient and modern tower structure. Stacked in countless levels, you can choose to inhabit any type of suburban lifestyle. And you don’t even need a car anymore!

6: The Glass House

All data is made visible. in the glass house. All the movements, habits, routines, and daily cycles of its inhabitants are monitored and analysed, and the data is stored for future purposes. The family that occupies the house is provided with everything they might need, except for the possibility to leave the house. Leaving would disrupt the data stream.

Glass has always been a multifaceted and ambiguous material. While providing light and transparency, it also allows for views, control and oversight. It is both a liberating and a confining (or controlling) material – depending on which side of the glass you are standing on.

7: The Space House

Seven… Six… Five… Four… Three… Two… One… Lift-off.

The house has left the Earth in search for a better life in a new galaxy.

Humans have always had the urge to expand and find new territories. It has been long since we set our sights outside of our own planet. Until now, this was all but impossible. But who knows what the future holds.